UPDATE:  Collie Matted So Badly He Couldn’t Even Relieve Himself Has Now Been Adopted

“They are so in love with Freight and just couldn’t bear parting with him. Freight was part of their family well before he was available for adoption.”

UPDATE:  Neglected Dogs Wrapped in Cocoons of Matted Fur Find the Perfect Family – Together!

“When the day came to meet their potential family, Hannah’s new dad lay on the floor so she felt more comfortable & Buddy went up to their son & sat on his lap.”

UPDATE:  Extremely Matted Collie Freight Says “Thank You!!”

“This is the first time that Freight has shown emotion like this. One of the sweetest and most unexpected moments that we have witnessed in a long time.”

Collie So Matted He Couldn’t Even Pee Properly Is RESCUED!

“Once we were able to get all his matted fur shaved off, he was given a medicated bath and soaked for 10 minutes. The water turned into a thick muddy paste.”