PUPDATE: “Saddest Dog in the World” Is All Smiles Now That She’s Been ADOPTED!

5.16.17 Lana updateFEAT

We are very pleased to report that thanks to everyone sharing Lana’s story, she no longer “Saddest Dog in the World!” <3

Neglected Dog Who Only Ever Knew Life at the End of a Chain Finds a Forever Family

5.7.17 DukeFEAT

“It’s amazing to see how many wonderful people there are, that are willing to help the dogs that are in need,” said Duke’s new human mom, Rebecca Page.

Abused Dog Called Lt. Dan “Gets His Legs Back” With a Donated Wheelchair and a New Family

5.3.17 Lt Dan FEAT

Not only has Lt. Dan been given a new wheelchair to help him get around, but he’s got a brand new forever family with a doggy wheelchair-accessible home, too!