This “Goofy” Dog Has Been Through Absolute Hell, But Now He Can’t Stop Smiling

The dog was named Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for his perseverance and unfailing sweetness. Despite the hardship he has endured, he is thriving. <3

She’s A Victim of Backyard Breeder Abuse…& She Needs A Special Home

Beautiful Rolanda was saved from conditions so horrendous, her health may be affected for years to come. Her rescuers hope to find her a special, loving home.

Saved From Meat Trade, Cinderella Needs Her Fairytale Ending for Christmas

“It would mean so much to know that she’s cuddling with loved ones for the holiday season. She had a very tough start and she deserves her fairytale ending.”

Soi Dog Foundation Rescues Cinderella & Leanne from Thailand Dog Meat Trade

October 2nd, two female adult dogs arrived in San Diego from Thailand after being rescued by the Soi Dog Foundation from the Thai dog meat trade.