Woman Heroically Smashes the Window of a Mercedes With a Car Jack to Save a Roasting Dog

“I was trying with all my might to get to this poor dog, but I couldn’t physically break the window. My hands were bleeding and I was beginning to fear the worst.” <

Puppy on the Brink of Death Heroically Saved from a 130-Degree Car

If it’s too hot for you to walk barefoot on asphalt or to sit in an un-air conditioned car for a few minutes, it’s too hot for your dogs – leave them at home! <

Good Samaritan Smashes a Car Window to Save a Dog Who Was Baking to Death

“That poor dog was absolutely boiling with no water and no air. You couldn’t even touch the roof of the car. I would do what I did again any time if I needed to.” <3

Washington Woman Gets Ticket from Police for Rescuing a Dog from a Hot Car

    Kathy Isaksen of Tacoma, Washington is saying that she rescued a dog trapped in a hot car, and the local police department thanked her for her help by giving her a ticket for trespassing.  Isaksen said that she has dedicated her life to rescuing dogs and knows a dog in need when she …

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