Puppy Rescued from Arkansas Mill So Weak He Has to Crawl to His Rescuers

“No animal should ever be forced to live in conditions like we’ve seen today,” said Laughiniger.

UPDATE:  Humane Society Investigating on Behalf of Libre, the Dying Puppy

“Dr. Pryor, myself, and others involved are more than willing to testify to help bring justice to Libre,” Speranza’s founder, Janine Guido, said on Facebook.

Christina Grimmie’s Rendition of “Holding Out for a Hero” for the HSUS Will Bring You to Tears

“She was a beautiful soul who used her talents to spread a message that we humans should not mete out violence to animals. We will carry her message forward.”

UPDATE: Brooklyn Dogs Left in Cold Not Removed From Property

ASPCA claims conditions are not “ideal,” but do not “meet definition of animal cruelty as defined by the law, making seizure by the police impossible.”

Woman Saves Pit Bulls Left Outside in Weekend Blizzard

Tully-Costa said, “71st precinct is now investigating and animal care and control going over tomorrow. Thanks for all your calls.”