Woman Creates “Dating Profile” for Dog Battling Cancer So People Will Fall in Love With Him

3.3.17 Fundraiser for SoupSoup7

“The most private thing I’m willing to admit: I’m always naked, and much to Meghan’s chagrin, I often bathe myself in front of strangers,” SoupSoup says.

UPDATE: Parvo Puppies Have Been Adopted!

8.12.16 Update Parvo Puppies Adopted2

“They were sent home with crates, ex-pens, pee pads, toys, beds, food. Their new mom scooped them up out of their kennels and off they went to their forever home!”

Abused, Mangy Puppy Being Swept Out With the Trash Is Rescued by Travelers

7.4.16 Voodoo in Haiti2

“We saw the janitor violently ‘sweeping’ a puppy out with the trash across the pavement. A crowd of people were laughing and became even more entertained when we intervened.”