Puppy Whose Head Was Split from Ear to Ear Completely Defies the Odds and Recovers

12.16.16 Miracle Puppy Whose Head Was Split Survives5

After eight weeks, the gash healed, and Cubby’s gratitude for his improvement shone through like a beacon on a foggy night.

Pit Bull Pulls His Dad into a Desolate Alleyway to Save a Dying Puppy

8.6.16 Pit Bull Finds Puppy7

“We really owe it all to that hero of a dog. Everything happens for a reason and Ace and his owner were walking by that house to unknowingly save a life.”

Former Bait Dog Can’t Give Kisses, But Still Loves in the Best Way He Knows How

7.28.16 Former Bait Dog Cant Kiss but Can Still Love3

“This precious boy holds no grudges and seems to know that he is safe. We are hand feeding him and are amazed at how he has learned to drink with no tongue.”

Abused, Mangy Puppy Being Swept Out With the Trash Is Rescued by Travelers

7.4.16 Voodoo in Haiti2

“We saw the janitor violently ‘sweeping’ a puppy out with the trash across the pavement. A crowd of people were laughing and became even more entertained when we intervened.”