Groomer Volunteers His Time and Services at an NYC Shelter Doing Badly Needed Makeovers

5.3.17 Mark Imhof

Mark Imhof, AKA The Dog Guy, gives much needed makeovers to shelter dogs up for adoption so they always can put their most adorable paw forward!

Lament of a Shelter Dog: Why Don’t You Want Me?

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Nothing is more heartbreaking than a pet being returned to a shelter. That scenario is visited in song, an anthem for so many unwanted, discarded animals.

These Shelter Pets Wish for a Home for the Holidays

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These beautiful animals are from Best Friends Animal Society, each looking for the same thing all of us want..a loving, forever home.

Saved From Meat Trade, Cinderella Needs Her Fairytale Ending for Christmas


“It would mean so much to know that she’s cuddling with loved ones for the holiday season. She had a very tough start and she deserves her fairytale ending.”