The Epic Instagram Saga of Hank and His Hippo BFF Will Have You ROFL

7.27.17 Hank and His Hippo BFF Will Have You ROFL4

Everything was going well till one morning staff found Hippo nearly decapitated, with stuffing everywhere. Did Hank really have it in him to kill his best friend? <3

A Dog Finds a Feral Kitten Not Far from Home and Decided to Adopt Him!

6.18.17 cat and dog bestiesFEAT

When Mamio found Honey, it was a match made in heaven that was just meant to be! We just can’t get enough of these two!

These Shelter Dogs Refused to Sleep on Separate Beds, and Now They’ll Never Have to Be Apart Again

6.9.17 These Dogs Refused to Sleep on Separate Beds5

“They could be sound asleep, I get up and they wake up and follow me wherever I’m going,” Rachel Harris explained. “They are on me all the time.” <3

Mom Surprises Her Son by Adopting the Foster Dog He Fell in Love With

4.27.17 Mom Surprises Son by Adopting Foster Dog3

Amir read the adoption certificate, but it took a moment for the news to sink in. “Wait…. Wait, you adopted her?? YES!” he exclaimed. “Come her, my Mia.” <3