Sheriff Adopts a Rescue Puppy for a Senior Citizen Whose Dog Was Killed

4.5.17 Sheriff Gives a Rescue Puppy to a Man Whose Dog Was Killed4

“The Sheriff picked up Lovebug last night from a rescue in southern Wisconsin. They got home late, so Lovebug spent the night at the Sheriff’s house…” <3

APPALLING!  Search Is on to Find the Beast That Cut Off a Rottweiler’s Ears and Nose

1.20.17 Search for Monster Who Cut Off Rottweilers Ears and Nose3

“He’s not under good care, he’s under the best care right now… his prognosis is great. He’s gonna find an incredible home after his long road to recovery.”

Pregnant Pit Bull Locked in a Dumpster Is Rescued Just Hours Before Giving Birth

12.21.16 Pregnant Dog Thrown in Dumpster Rescued Hours Before Giving Birth4

“The most horrible part is if the trash man came and emptied the dumpster… it’s so super cold at night. We’re glad our officers were able to save her.”