Indiana Sheriff’s Department Raids Unlicensed Vet Operation, Rescues 68 Dogs

5.4.17 Lake County WeirdoFEAT

What law enforcement though was a hoarding situation turned to be an illegal breeding operation with a side of unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine.

Thirty Dogs Are Rescued and Three Men Are Facing Animal Cruelty Changes and More in Fighting Bust

4.25.17 dog fighting bustFEAT

Three men from Louisiana are facing felony animal cruelty charges, along with many, many more in connection with a dog fighting ring bust.

Over 140 Volunteers Come Together to Build Dog Houses for Police Dogs

2.12.17 police dog housesFEAT

“Truthfully, it seems like as of late, there’s been a lot of negativity, divisiveness. And this just shows the real America, man. It’s awesome.”