Vet Struggles to Find Job Due to Service Dog, So Lowes Hires Him AND the Dog

“If someone is a good worker, it shouldn’t matter if they have a service dog. But in our case, it’s been an absolute benefit to have Charlotte around.”

It’s Contagious – Something You Can Catch From Your Dog and Spread – But Have No Fear…It’s a Yawn

Everyone knows that yawns are infections. In fact, according, WebMD, “Contagious yawning is well documented.” Even from your dog.

University Adopts Full-Time Wellness Dog to Help Students and Faculty De-Stress

USC has brought on a full-time wellness dog called Beau, with his own office, and business cards! The school hopes he’ll help students and staff de-stress.

Bridal Party Holds Rescue Puppies Instead of Bouquets for Their Photos

“The puppies brought so much additional joy to Matt and Sarah’s day… The puppies of course caused the photos to be extra natural, candid, and carefree.”