Thirty Dogs Are Rescued and Three Men Are Facing Animal Cruelty Changes and More in Fighting Bust

Three men from Louisiana are facing felony animal cruelty charges, along with many, many more in connection with a dog fighting ring bust.

Mangy, Skeletal Dog Makes a Complete Transformation Because of Love

“This poor guy who we’ve named Jude was left on a chain to starve… Despite humans failing him in every way possible, he still wags his tail and gives kisses.”

Tethered and Abandoned Dogs Left to Die in Louisiana Floods Are Now Forever Safe

The floods came fast and with little warning for many people, who weren’t allowed to get back to save their animals after evacuations began.

PAWS Chicago Takes in 26 Rescues from Louisiana to Prevent Euthanizing Them

“The animals are gems. They’re all playing with toys and seem really happy to be here,” said Price. “So far, they’ve been enjoying Chicago on their walks.”