Dog Buried Under Pounds of Matted Fur Undergoes an INCREDIBLE Transformation

Because of Trio Animal Foundation, Ellen is healthy and loved today. Her happiness makes our hearts smile! <3

UPDATE:  Tiny, Starved Liz Has Made a Drastic Improvement

“She was soaked in urine, blinded by matted fur, emaciated and unable to stand on her own…” Now Liz is healthy, walking, playing, and snuggling with other dogs.

UPDATE: Frostbitten Evan Is Now Toasty and Loved in His New Home

“When the adoption was complete, Evan was the first one out the door and he headed straight for his new family’s car!”

Matted, Frostbitten Dog Saved by a Good Samaritan

“After about two hours, we were able to safely get through all of his remaining matted fur and give him a bath to clean his wounds.”