A New Forever Family: Military Dog Reunites With Air Force Handler

It had been nearly three years since SSgt. Amanda Urie had seen her former partner, but their reunion was no less sweet.

American Humane Hero Dog Awards™ to Reveal Top Dog October 28

Watch as one of eight amazing dogs will be named the winner of the 2016 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards®, on the Hallmark Channel, October 28.

2016 Top AHA Hero Dog Nominees Announced

Eight amazing dogs have be named the finalists for the 2016 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards®.

Lucca’s Story: Video Showcases Military Dog’s Service

Earlier this week, we told you about Lucca, the 12-year-old German shepherd who was flown from her California home to London and awarded the PDSA‘s Dickin Medal for her military service. Lucca, who lost her leg in the line of duty, kept her Marines safe for six years of active service, sniffing out explosives over …

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Wounded Warrior Dog To Receive Medal For Service

Lucca is a 12-year-old German shepherd and a U.S. Marine Corps-trained veteran. And she is soon to be decorated.   Now retired, Lucca completed more than 400 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan during her six years of active service. On her final mission, she discovered a 30-lb. improvised explosive device (IED). While continuing the search …

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