June’s Road Trip: Lost Alabama Dog Travels 1,000+ Miles in 11 Days

Once again, microchipping helps reunite a dog with its heartbroken owners! But June’s “parents” will probably never figure out how she traveled so far, so fast!

Love in the Face of Loss: Senior Dog Refuses to Leave Its Mate’s Side

Do you know this sweet senior? He lost his mate in an accident and animal control officers are hoping to find his family before his heartbreak gets even worse.

Utah Dog Falls Off Cliff, Lives to Bark About It

The McInnes family’s dog is named Toby, but Lucky may have been more apt. The one-year-old English sheepdog/poodle mix is doing well after plummeting 150 feet off a cliff, then tumbling another 150 down a mountainside as his family was riding trails at Gooseberry Mesa, a location west of Zion National Park. Though Toby suffered …

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