PUPDATE: “Saddest Dog in the World” Is All Smiles Now That She’s Been ADOPTED!

5.16.17 Lana updateFEAT

We are very pleased to report that thanks to everyone sharing Lana’s story, she no longer “Saddest Dog in the World!” <3

Man Smashes Car Window with HUGE Rock to Save Overheating Dog Inside

6.13.16 will costa

“No one came after a while so everyone got together to solve the issue. After the dog was rescued, the owners showed up 50 minutes later.”

Man Who Taped Dog’s Snout Gets Two Years in Federal Prison

2.4.16 Mouth Taper Given Two Years in Federal Prison2

Dean Cresswell was walking his dogs when they discovered him in a field in Windsor, Ontario. His petition for a life ban of pets for Hill garnered 65,000 signatures.