Toto Knew He Was in Line to Be Surrendered, but His Story Doesn’t End There

10.24.16 TotoFEAT

Toto may have been “too vocal” for his former humans, but his new family loves him and promises to never put him through being surrendered again!

Alabama Animal Shelter Makes Desperate Plea for Adoptions Due to Overcrowding

9.23.16 Huntsville Shelter5

ATTENTION ALABAMA READERS! The Huntsville Shelter is facing serious overcrowding, and needs to adopt out or foster 20-30 dogs over the next two days!

Woman Turns Home into Shelter, Takes in 60 Rescue Dogs to Relieve Overcrowding

8.12.16 Cause N DogFEAT

Knowing that the summer months commonly brings in a large number of strays, a woman has turned her home into a shelter to help relieve the pressure.