Paralyzed, Impregnated, and Then Abandoned

5.29.17 Paralyzed Pregnant and Abandoned6

Not long after being rescued, Maria gave birth to seven healthy, adorable puppies. They were called the Von Dapp family (after the Von Trapps, but dappled). <3

Paralyzed, Unresponsive Dog Was Dumped in a Wheelbarrow, and Now He Can Run

2.2.17 Paralyzed Dog Dumped in a Wheelbarrow Walks7

“There was one final option with two possible outcomes: he would begin to show signs of improvement, or the treatment would send him over the rainbow bridge.”

Paralyzed Dog Runs Again With Hydrotherapy Treatment

poppy 1

Poppy was paralyzed due to an autoimmune disease, but, 6 months later, she is happy, healthy and running, thanks, in large part, to a water exercise program.

Dog With Severed Spinal Cord Is Miraculously Moving His Hind Legs Again

6.30.16 Dog With Severed Spinal Cord Moving His Hind Legs Again6

“Against all odds he is a happy boy, loving life, and we are so grateful we gave him a chance. He now has his wheelchair and he receives mobility therapy daily.”