Dogs and Ducklings Make For Adorable BFFs

Pikelet Patty Cakes 9

Pikelet and Patty Cake are two adorable pit bills mixes who, on their own, would melt your heart, but add ducklings, and it becomes almost too cute for words. Calley Gibson-Stoll, who adopted the two, was asked to foster ducklings Penguin and Popinjay by the Wollongong Animal Rescue Network . Little did she know that the two dogs would take to mothering their foster siblings quite as easily as they did.

These Pit Bulls Just Wanted Their Own Baby Ducks

3.12.16 These Pit Bulls Just Wanted Their Own Baby Ducks15

Seeing how attached the brothers had become to Penguin and Popinjay, their ma and pa realized that they had to adopt the little ducklings.