Ray’s adorable smile is what got him adopted. And now other dogs are reaping the benefit, too!

Say cheese! That’s a winning smile if ever there was….

Short spine, feel fine! Cute “pibble” Cuda is the queen of the house.

Cuda the hunchback hound is as happy as a house hippo could be!

This pit bull is really a scream!

Mo has the most hilarious, if arresting, way of expressing himself!

Watch Carlos’ journey from sickly Puerto Rican street dog to beloved family nanny

Carlos was in such bad shape when they found him. Vets even determined he had a machete wound! But these days he is living the sweet life with his new family.

The veterinarian said this street dog would never walk again….

Iron was found by the side of the road, dragging his legs. These days, he’s chasing his siblings around the farm.