She Nearly Died In Failed Labor, Now Her Former Owner Is Wanted By Police

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With deceased puppies in her belly, April suffered in failed labor for days before her owner brought her to animal control, claiming she had “found” the dog. <3

Paralyzed, Impregnated, and Then Abandoned

5.29.17 Paralyzed Pregnant and Abandoned6

Not long after being rescued, Maria gave birth to seven healthy, adorable puppies. They were called the Von Dapp family (after the Von Trapps, but dappled). <3

Pregnant Woman Told to Give Up Her Five Dogs Does a Maternity Shoot With Them Instead

2.13.17 Pregnant Woman Told to Give Up Dogs Does Maternity Shoot With Them12

“[The dogs] were a constant source of comfort to me….. I don’t know how people can bring a child into the world, while letting go of another at the same time.”

Pregnant Pit Bull Locked in a Dumpster Is Rescued Just Hours Before Giving Birth

12.21.16 Pregnant Dog Thrown in Dumpster Rescued Hours Before Giving Birth4

“The most horrible part is if the trash man came and emptied the dumpster… it’s so super cold at night. We’re glad our officers were able to save her.”