Puppy Rescued from Arkansas Mill So Weak He Has to Crawl to His Rescuers

“No animal should ever be forced to live in conditions like we’ve seen today,” said Laughiniger.

Little Boogie Shoes Won’t Let Special Needs Slow His Roll

This is Boogie Shoes. Only 12 ounces when dropped off as a stray at an animal shelter, he wasn’t even able to hold up his head…but look at him now!

UPDATE:  Libre, The Mangy, Dying Puppy Has Been ADOPTED!

“I just really connected with him. I don’t know why, because I’ve rescued so many dogs. I get butterflies before I visit him. Something about Libre really captured my heart.”

Protestors Close Down an Upscale Puppy Boutique Only Days After It Opens

“This action reinforces the shelter cartel’s monopoly on dog retail, and their common practice of trafficking dogs into Michigan,” shop owner David Boelkes whined.