Next, stop: safety! Tennessee man rescues shelter animals displaced by Hurricane Florence

A 51-year-old trucker Tony Alsup converted a bus into an an emergency animal-rescue vehicle.

A Shelter Finds Out That Two of Their Residents Were Actually Best Friends from Way Back!

“We took them out together, and they kissed, talked and followed each other everywhere,” said Szczepanski.

When the Shelter Asked Which Dog She’d Be Taking, She Replied, “Both, I Couldn’t Separate These Two”

“If one would run off, the other would follow and they’d be tumbling on the floor, and they were both licking and kissing me and my sons.”

Maine Search & Rescue Dog’s First Find: A Missing 5-Year-Old-Boy

Five-year-old Christopher Grecco is safe with his family today after being found by a Maine handler and her beautiful dog, Tala. Grecco was Tala’s first find!