Rhode Island SPCA and Handsome Dan’s Rescue Need Your Help Locating this Dog’s Abusers


The RISPCA and Handsome Dan’s Rescue have come together to help this poor, abused dog out. They are looking for any help they can get in locating and bringing them to justice.

Dog Narrowly Escapes Death at Meat Farm and Gets New a Home

3.21.16 Chi chi3

Chi chi was found wrapped in a garbage bag and left behind a dumpster at a dog meat farm. Thankfully, she’s been rescued, and has a new family to love her.

Dog That Rescued Family from Fire is Rescued From “Death Row” Shelter

2.9.16 SnickersFEAT

Snickers saved her former family from an RV fire, but they couldn’t take her with them when they had to move. Now, she has new forever family.