Owners Pretend Their Own Dogs Are Strays

The word has been spreading about a pair of dogs that three women brought into the shelter, purportedly as strays. According to The Dodo, they may have gotten away without anyone being wise to their story, but for two small things. The dogs were wearing tags engraved with the owners names. After some questioning, the trio admitted they were losing their home and couldn’t keep the dogs.

Living Free’s Almost Home 2020 Initiative: Step One is Direct Action

Living Free Animal Sanctuary has a mission, as do all rescues, but this one has more than just themselves in mind. The Almost Home 2020 initiative has a clear objective, but it is not one they can do alone. This multi-pronged plan targets the ending of shelter euthanasia in the United States by the year 2020, effectively turning all shelters into “no-kill,” shelters and working to encourage people who want pets to visit their local shelters and rescues before going elsewhere.