Mervin is cranky. And noisy. And beloved beyond belief.


Mervin had been through a lot when he was brought into the shelter. But once Joey brought him home as a foster, it was apparent Mervin wasn’t going back!

Hector Is a Senior Dog Who Really Should Be in a House, and not Stuck in the Shelter Waiting

6.14.17 HectorFEAT

Our LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day today is Hector, and he comes to us from our friends at the Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia.

They Brought Her To The Shelter In A Black, Plastic Garbage Bag….


…Her tail was bleeding and they didn’t want to get blood in their car. Blackie is now rid of her former owners and ready to find a loving, forever home. <3

Seniors Are Sensational!

image 40

Wish you could adopt a dog that was house trained, mellow and low maintenance? These are just a few great reasons to adopt a sweet, loyal, loving senior!