Indiana Man Gets 180 Days Incarceration for Keeping 64 Dogs in Filthy Living Conditions

The judge in the case said that if he could keep dogs in a place they wouldn’t want to be, then he can go stay in a place he wouldn’t want to be as well.

Justice for Diamond, Sentencing April 26 for Her Abuser

Criminal sentencing will happen on Tuesday, April 26, in the case of a man who is charged with first-degree animal abuse by Thurston County Joint Animal Services in Washington. This horrific crime was described in the press release from Pasado’s Safe Haven by Pasado’s Safe Haven lead Investigator as “This is probably the most disturbing case that I have seen. The person who would be capable of a crime this heinous is a highly disturbed individual who has very likely harmed other animals and is statistically likely to do something similar to humans – the community is right to be concerned.”