Grateful dog: Shelter pup “holds hands” with rescuer on drive to foster home

Regan’s rescuer posted the video in part to showcase the sweet pup’s nature. It worked. Regan has since been placed with a couple who’s grateful to have her.

Man Makes Super Cool Doggy Wheelchairs for the Dogs in a Taiwanese Shelter

“The first dog recovered completely after using the wheelchair, which gave me a lot of confidence,” said Chieh. After that, he just kept going.

When the Shelter Asked Which Dog She’d Be Taking, She Replied, “Both, I Couldn’t Separate These Two”

“If one would run off, the other would follow and they’d be tumbling on the floor, and they were both licking and kissing me and my sons.”

Bissell Pet Foundation to Sponsor Statewide “Empty the Shelters Day” in Michigan on April 29th

Bissell will be sponsoring adoptions at 65 different shelter locations all across the state of Michigan on April 29th, 2017.

18-Year-Old Dog Gets Adopted: “I Couldn’t Let Her Spend One More Night In The Shelter!”

When her loving owner passed away, this sweet senior girl found herself in a place she never expected: the shelter. But now she has a new happy home. <3