Heroic Passersby Save Literal Skin-and-Bone Dog Who Jumped Out of a Window

5.16.17 Heroic Passersby Save Starving Dog Who Jumped Out a Window4

Several people gathered below the window and stretched out a blanket to catch him in case he fell, and to everyone’s horror, he did. <3

Cupid, a Valentine’s Day Miracle

2.14.17 Cupid A Valentines Day Miracle7

“He can now relax, recover and enjoy the best humans’ kindness, proving once again those doing good will always outnumber those doing harm.”

Paralyzed, Unresponsive Dog Was Dumped in a Wheelbarrow, and Now He Can Run

2.2.17 Paralyzed Dog Dumped in a Wheelbarrow Walks7

“There was one final option with two possible outcomes: he would begin to show signs of improvement, or the treatment would send him over the rainbow bridge.”

UPDATE: Halo Is in Heaven Now That Angels Have Finally Come to Take Her Home

12.15.16 Halos Angels Come to Adopt Her6

“We couldn’t be happier that Halo has made a full recovery & has found her forever family. It truly takes a village, & Halo had an army of people supporting her…”

Remember Augustus?  Look at Him Now!

10.21.16 Augustus Update7

Two months later, Augustus had definitely made a lot of progress, but was battling a very itchy skin condition, which turned out to be something rather alarming…