Dog Buried Under Pounds of Matted Fur Undergoes an INCREDIBLE Transformation

Because of Trio Animal Foundation, Ellen is healthy and loved today. Her happiness makes our hearts smile! <3

Critically Ill Abandoned Dog Who Refused to Leave Her Old Home Now Has a Loving New One

“Aveline’s medical team took one look at her and raced her back to begin treatment. At that point, her surgeon needed to go in and figure out what was going on.”

Dog So Happy to Be Rescued That She Split Her Tail Wagging It Has Now Been Adopted!

“After her surgery, Sandy was as good as gold! She was wagging her new nubbin tail around and acted as though nothing had ever happened.”

UPDATE: Frostbitten Evan Is Now Toasty and Loved in His New Home

“When the adoption was complete, Evan was the first one out the door and he headed straight for his new family’s car!”