Woman Creates “Dating Profile” for Dog Battling Cancer So People Will Fall in Love With Him

“The most private thing I’m willing to admit: I’m always naked, and much to Meghan’s chagrin, I often bathe myself in front of strangers,” SoupSoup says.

Dog With Pink Skin Rescued With Brother Responding Well to Treatment and Care from Rescuers

“I felt so badly for Artie and Asia when I first saw them. But I was encouraged by the fact that we would be able to start helping them.”

Cupid, a Valentine’s Day Miracle

“He can now relax, recover and enjoy the best humans’ kindness, proving once again those doing good will always outnumber those doing harm.”

Mangy Street Puppy Only Knew Suffering, But Now He Only Knows Happiness

Within a couple of days he felt brave enough to venture outside his den and explore. Before long, he was acting like a regular puppy, chomping on toys.