Lost Two Years & Left For Dead: Cali Is Finally Going Home

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Cali vanished from her N.Y. yard two years ago & turned up in terrible shape at the side of a N.J. highway earlier this month. What’s more, she’s going home!

They Brought Her To The Shelter In A Black, Plastic Garbage Bag….


…Her tail was bleeding and they didn’t want to get blood in their car. Blackie is now rid of her former owners and ready to find a loving, forever home. <3

PUPDATE! Former Owner of Dog with 45-Pound Tumor Arrested

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Henry’s former owner, Sherri Haughton, 52, was arrested after failing to appear to face multiple charges of animal cruelty.

PUPDATE! Woman Who Abandoned Henry, Dog with 42-Pound Tumor, Charged with Animal Cruelty


Earlier this year we told you about Henry, who was “found” wandering with a massive tumor on his side. His former owner us now facing multiple charges.