UPDATE:  Rottweiler Found With Nose and Ears Severed Has Been Adopted!

3.2.17 Baron Dog With Chopped Nose Adopted6

“It’s a great feeling – not so much that we chose him – this morning’s reaction when we first met, I think, shows that he chose us as well,” Todd said.

UPDATE:  Tiny, Starved Liz Has Made a Drastic Improvement

2.27.17 Liz Update5

“She was soaked in urine, blinded by matted fur, emaciated and unable to stand on her own…” Now Liz is healthy, walking, playing, and snuggling with other dogs.

Pet Store Owner Gets Shut Down for Third Time by SPCA for Health Violations

2.12.17 Just PupsFEAT

“We took custody of 73 dogs that we rescued from Just Pups in East Hanover,” a spokesperson for the SPCA said. “All being vetted at three separate locations.”