Texas boy dies trying to save stray puppy

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On Monday, 8-year-old Brandon Ivy attempted to rescue a stray puppy from the road outside his home in Caddo Mills, Texas. He was so focused on saving the dog, he never saw the pickup truck coming. He sustained fatal injuries when the truck struck him.

The third grade student was beloved in Caddo Mills, and the community is devastated by this loss. He was well known for his involvement in sports and one of his football coaches Eddie Hall stated, “He wasn’t a big kid, but he had a big heart.” His football team was scheduled to practice Monday night, the coaches broke the tragic news to the team and cancelled practice allowing Brandon’s teammates time to grieve with their families. The team will play for the championship title on Saturday afternoon, Brandon had been a member of the four previous championship teams.

His pastor, Randall Bost, said him giving his life to try to rescue a stray dog illustrated how Brandon lived his life, “Brandon is one of those kids that always stands out, sticks out in a crowd because of his demeanor, composure and attitude.” The funeral service for Brandon will be held on Friday.

The Caddo Mills Youth Sports Association has set up an account to help the Ivy family. If anyone would like to make a donation they can make checks payable to CMYSA and mail them to PO Box 162 Caddo Mills, Texas 75135 or drop them off at a Citi Bank location. 100 percent of donations will go to the Ivy family.

20 thoughts on “Texas boy dies trying to save stray puppy”

  1. What happened to the puppy? Was he at least able to save the puppy? If people were responsible then he wouldn’t have been in that position! And if the pick up truck had slowed down and been responsible then he would likely be alive.

    People – slow down. If you speed – drive above the speed limit – this is your fault too!

  2. The fault lies with whomever “owns” the puppy that was running loose in the first place — and whoever let the mother dog be bred. Yet another reason to spay and neuter.

  3. I don’t know the whole story but if the pickup driver would have slowed down to avoid hitting the puppy, seems he wouldn’t have hit the boy either.

  4. Poor boy I can’t believe someone would go so fast they were not able to save him why could it not have been me I have no one and nothing to lose


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