The Ultimate Dog Tease

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This is just so not fair…and that’s exactly what makes it so cute. 

A number of the talking dog videos on YouTube are fun enough, but with incredible timing and a really cute dog, this one takes the cake. Think he likes bacon? 😉

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65 thoughts on “The Ultimate Dog Tease”

  1. OMG! OGL! BOL! BOL! BOL! Soooo cute! Love the kitty one but this one takes the bacon!!! What a face this baby has!!! Those sweet pitiful eyes just beggin’ ! 😀 Thanks for the videos!!!! (and photos too!) 😀

  2. hahahahaha… hilarious!!! i love the last bit… that’s what mommy says…
    well we say…boo to the owner for giving it to the cat!! i feel for you man!

    Shadow & Lyka

  3. This video is too funny and the voice of the dog perfectly fits his anxious face as the narrator torments him with thoughts of food!


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