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This Is What Happens When You Put Rescue Pit Bulls in a Photo Booth

by Melanie

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2.7.15 - Photobooth Pups1


Take some dogs from a rescue group, put them in a photo booth, start snapping, and what do you get?  Absolute magic!

Photographer Lynn Terry put some rescue dogs from Mutts n Stuff in a photo booth and managed to capture some fantastic shots.

Bumper, the smoochie girl featured above, was born to one of 500 dogs rescued in 2009 from the biggest fighting ring bust in US history.

Though some might believe that breeding fighting dogs will automatically make for more aggressive puppies, Bumper makes it clear that in her case, nurture has dominated nature.


2.7.15 - Photobooth Pups2



2.7.15 - Photobooth Pups3



2.7.15 - Photobooth Pups4



2.7.15 - Photobooth Pups5



2.7.15 - Photobooth Pups6



2.7.15 - Photobooth Pups7



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