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This Pit Bull LOVES Her Baby Turkeys

by Melanie

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7.18.15 - Pit Bull LOVES Her Baby Turkeys5


It seems that for as many sad stories as there are about pit bulls, there are twice as many good ones showing their true loving nature.  Jules is a prime example: when a rafter of baby turkeys was born on the farm where she lives, she made sure to nurture them with more love than even their own mother would provide!

The turkeys were born on the Ohio farm in June, and Jules immediately fell for them.  One of the little guys was scared of his new surroundings, and Jules showered him with attention.


7.18.15 - Pit Bull LOVES Her Baby Turkeys4


“She loves the helpless ones,” owner Isaiah Harrison told Inside Edition.  “The more helpless, the more she wants to be by it.”

Jules barely noticed the other chicks leaping about on her.


7.18.15 - Pit Bull LOVES Her Baby Turkeys2


“As you can see in the video, she didn’t pay much attention to the baby chickens.  She just wanted to make sure that baby turkey was okay.”

In addition to playing mama to the little chicks, Jules also guards the eggs.

“She loves nothing more than a freshly-born baby bird,” Harrison noted.  “When we walk over to the incubator that’s in the house, she could be half asleep and she will jet over there to check with us to see if anymore life is about to emerge.”