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Top Ten Dog Video Countdown


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September was loaded with great video releases – let’s look back at the top ten videos of the month as selected by our readers.

Djaingo the Dog Says Grace for Dinner

djainjo says grace

I was psyched to realize that my favorite video of the month was also your favorite. This is precious beyond description.


Caught on Camera: Dramatic Dog Rescue

pit bull rescue 300x126

The title says it all. 6:48 of breathtaking footage.


OK Go Adds Dogs to the Mix: White Knuckles Video

ok go

If you are a music lover, Ok Go’s new video is a double bonus – brilliant dogs and fun tunes.


Desert Dog Rescue

lost poster

This gritty street level view of a dog rescue in the desert is a must watch. And a happy ending never hurts…


Chase’s Story


Care to have your heart broken and mended at once? Chase is the dog to do so, and this video has your name written all over it.


Chamberlin’s Saga

chamberlins story

There is no denying that this is very hard to watch. It will devastate you and fill you with hope. Powerful and poignant.


Reunions: Tearful Meeting Between Dog and Owner After a Year Apart


Elizabeth Mahoney gave up her dog to friends, believing that they were better suited to care for it. Those friends moved away and abandoned Jasmine, who spent a year astray before the scan of a microchip led this touching reunion.


A Dog’s Life: Riding the Bus to Dog Day Camp


This is nothing short of a blast. Dog trainer Elena Sweet says she opened Totally Dog in 1999 as a peaceful getaway for dogs to run free, socialize and beat urban stress. Husband Jeremy drives the bus and dogs bound off into a bone-shaped wading pool, then romp at play.


Hero Dog Saves Owner from Drowning


Sensationalized headlines are everywhere you look these days, so I was weary when I happened upon this article. It’s the real deal, and is one of the better dog rescues owner stories of the summer.

October has just started and it’s looking like another great month for dog lovers. Join us in November as we dive into the archives for another countdown of the best dog videos the web has to offer.

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