Twelve-Year-Old Facing Jail Time for Dog Abuse

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7.4.13 - 12-Year-Old Abuser2A 12-year-old Louisiana boy is facing jail after admitting to pouring scalding water on a stray dog.

The Sabine Parish Humane Society was informed that a stray dog may have been injured at the Timbers Apartment Complex in Many, LA. Joe Dewil of the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office says a boy admitted to burning the dog with boiling water because she kept getting into their trash.

How somebody could do it. Like, why? Why would you want to do it?” asked Hunter Tarpley, who works summers at SPHS.

The six-month-old stray black Lab puppy is being called Amazing Grace, given the fact that she was so friendly and playful with her rescuers just hours after receiving such a horrific injury.

Just horrible, but she was still wagging her tail, running and jumping,” Tarpley said. “A dog that can survive that, pretty amazing.”

Though she suffered first and second-degree burns on much of her back, ear and left hind leg, she seems to be recovering quite well.

She is getting bathed once a day and we put ointment application on twice a day,” said Jack Ross of SPHS. “I was kind of surprised to see the extent of it, but I was more amazed at the fact that she was still very friendly, and likes humans and hasn’t been soured on the human race yet.”

7.4.13 - 12-Year-Old Abuser1The boy will soon be in court to determine his punishment for simple cruelty to animals, which for a child his age could carry a six-month jail sentence or a fine up to $1,000.

It’s a serious crime because you’re intentionally inflicting harm on an animal,” Dewil said.

Once Amazing Grace’s injuries have healed, she will be up for adoption. Several people have already expressed an interest in her, but nothing has been decided yet. If you would like more information or to adopt, please visit the Sabine Parish Humane Society.

That’s the amazing thing about a dog, you know,” said SPHS Manager Lisa Butler. “No matter what you do to them or how they’re treated, they’ll always turn around and love again. They don’t hold grudges.”



7.4.13 - 12-Year-Old Abuser3



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  1. twelve-year-old criminal psychopath in training. might as well keep him in prison because he will be back.

    • My only disagreement with you Cheryl is that this kid is a sociopath. Psychopaths can be treated. Sociopaths can not. If this kid does this at age 12, it scares me to think what he will do in a few years.

  2. It is WAY past time that significant action be taken to treat/punish such cruelty. This just has to be stopped and this child needs serious attention. To punish is not enough.

  3. Gotta wonder what the kid was subjected to for him to think pouring scalding water on a living being is “acceptable”…. Reckon he comes from a severly dysfunctional family? Yeah he should definitely know better but was there someone around to teach him? Was there any medical professionals to evaluate him growing up? Society also fails our youth.

    • well, PICK one and stick with it: either the government has to stop being such a nanny state and society should keep its nose out of how parents raise their kids OR society should be right there at every step to catch signs of abuse and neglect.

      honestly: you can’t have it both ways.

      • Society and government aren’t the same things, at all. The people all around you are society. They don’t have the power to force you to do anything. They don’t have the power to legally take your earnings and they can’t put you in a cage.

    • Bull…..I don’t care what the background or upbringing. At some point, every child understands the basics of right and wrong. This was horrendous!. Six months and $1,000…not enough! Let him clean up and scrub the pens of the SPCA’s until he’s 16, but don’t let him near the dogs.

    • definitely looks lab to me. my bff has to carry her purebred chocolate lab’s papers on her at all times bec he’s frequently mistaken for a pit-type dog.

  4. Grace is such a beautiful dog, and even though I didn’t consider an opportunity to adopt now I really have the second thoughts, and would love to have her! As for boy is concerned, his parents need to ask themselves where did they make a mistake?

  5. 1000 bucks fine is a smal small amount for this devil child. serial killer in the making. lock him up forever before he hurts more animals and then starts killing people.


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