Twelve-Year-Old Facing Jail Time for Dog Abuse

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7.4.13 - 12-Year-Old Abuser2A 12-year-old Louisiana boy is facing jail after admitting to pouring scalding water on a stray dog.

The Sabine Parish Humane Society was informed that a stray dog may have been injured at the Timbers Apartment Complex in Many, LA. Joe Dewil of the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office says a boy admitted to burning the dog with boiling water because she kept getting into their trash.

How somebody could do it. Like, why? Why would you want to do it?” asked Hunter Tarpley, who works summers at SPHS.

The six-month-old stray black Lab puppy is being called Amazing Grace, given the fact that she was so friendly and playful with her rescuers just hours after receiving such a horrific injury.

Just horrible, but she was still wagging her tail, running and jumping,” Tarpley said. “A dog that can survive that, pretty amazing.”

Though she suffered first and second-degree burns on much of her back, ear and left hind leg, she seems to be recovering quite well.

She is getting bathed once a day and we put ointment application on twice a day,” said Jack Ross of SPHS. “I was kind of surprised to see the extent of it, but I was more amazed at the fact that she was still very friendly, and likes humans and hasn’t been soured on the human race yet.”

7.4.13 - 12-Year-Old Abuser1The boy will soon be in court to determine his punishment for simple cruelty to animals, which for a child his age could carry a six-month jail sentence or a fine up to $1,000.

It’s a serious crime because you’re intentionally inflicting harm on an animal,” Dewil said.

Once Amazing Grace’s injuries have healed, she will be up for adoption. Several people have already expressed an interest in her, but nothing has been decided yet. If you would like more information or to adopt, please visit the Sabine Parish Humane Society.

That’s the amazing thing about a dog, you know,” said SPHS Manager Lisa Butler. “No matter what you do to them or how they’re treated, they’ll always turn around and love again. They don’t hold grudges.”



7.4.13 - 12-Year-Old Abuser3



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  1. No hope for this one. Before long he will hav hurt people and posibly more animals. Save a cell in Angola for him

  2. I hope the boy will get a punishment so that he will learn his lesson and prevent others from harming animals and his parents will be required to pay for the dog’s burn and other health issues as well.

  3. Perhaps they should dump a 500 gallon vat of boiling water on this perp. No medical intervention at all.
    Do unto others thing and all that, then if he survives, prison time. This kid is a serial killer in his early stages. I am tired of “professionals” making excuses or reasons why “Little Hannibal the Animal” did something like this. He is a rabid POS and the sooner it is recognized by society that some of these subspecies are beyond rehabilitation, or able to become a productive member of society and a huge danger instead, they need to put these rabid people down, permanently.

  4. I cannot believe some of the things being said about the child that perpetrated the animal abuse. Of course I don’t condone what he did, but to assume that he’s a sociopath in the making isn’t fair to a child who obviously needs help, guidance, and a lot of love, all the more when this has gotten so much attention. Disturbing behavior – agreed. But some of the things being wished on this child by supposedly mature adults are patently more disturbing. Does our compassion for animals need to be at the expense of compassion for our village’s children?

    • My name is Paul Kohler…thought FB was already going to identify me. I’m “Anonymous” above.

    • Ok Anonymous, just what are your thoughts. ” wow this dog is digging in my trash, (like a 12 year old cares) so I’m thinking in a child like compacity, um just what do I do. Ok I’ll teach this little bugger! Walks into the kitchen of his home, brings out a pot, fills it with water and sets the temp to High. While I’m waiting I surmize that I am going to teach this animal how to behave. ta da da, waiting…. Ok water is hot, lets go. There you are you bad dog, feel this……. need I say more. A 12 year old child decides and acts on his or her feelings (or upbringing) to punish a very hungry stray not to eat of his/her garbage. You tell me this child doesn’t have a problem…

    • Kid needs a good ass beating for what he did. Jeffrey Dahmer started torturing, abusing and killing animals in his youth 99% of all Serial killers do. Animals are helpless creatures and depend on mankind to care for and love them not torture them. Maybe the type of punishment should meet all crimes, he poured boiling hot water on the dog I say he needs to have boiling water poured on him to fully understand what it feels like maybe the next time he will think twice before he does something he KNOWS is wrong but don’t care. I really don’t care if anyone doesn’t approve of my opinion it’s the way I feel. Sociopath is a person who has no remorse of what actions they take and will do it again maybe next time he will hurt a small child then maybe it will be taken seriously. Human or not animals can feel pain just as you, remember that

    • Go bang on your bongo’s and read some poetry, beatnik….this kid is a worthless POS….call it like it is…12 years old is old enough to know right from wrong….

    • Sorry Paul, not gonna get any sympathy from me. If he is old enough to boil the water and carefully carry it without getting any on his precious self and throw it on an innocent dog that is only trying to find something to eat, then he needs to be tried as an adult and punished to the full extent of the law- AND the parents need to pay dearly for his act also.

      Truth be known, they aren’t going to pay the $1000.00 fine and the kid won’t do any jail time – he will walk and do it again because guess what crusader Jeff! He is a sick kid that has sick parents that don’t give a rats ass about anyone or anything other than themselves and how their life is so horrible. Not horrible enough in my opinion.

  5. Paul… are in denial. Some of the most notorious serial killers have come from loving parents and caring homes. Oh, and yes, they were also known to have been cruel to animals in their youth. If a person, child or adult, has the desire to hurt things, you’re not going to change that.

  6. I wonder about the parents this child has been cursed with. I can only imagine the brutal life he has been subjected to. Children learn cruel behavior from the adults around them. The parents should be facing jail time….and perhaps some hot water.

    • That’s an excuse, regardless of ones childhood you are responsible for you. The chain can be broken. Society needs to quit making excuses for people and start punishing them for their crimes.


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