Ultimate Loyalty: Dog Risks Life on Busy Highway to Stay with Injured Friend

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Dogs are noted for their loyalty to their owners, but a dog in China has demonstrated extreme dedication to a four-legged friend.

On the Dazhi road in China, where his companion has been knocked down by a car, vehicles zoom past a dog who risks his own life to look after a fallen friend. With horns honking and other terrifying sights and sounds all around him, the yellow mutt stays put, standing guard over his buddy.

Earlier this week, the first dog was struck on the always busy Dazhi road when the pair managed to lose their sense of direction and wandered into oncoming traffic.

Guardian: As the cars speed by, the dog stands over his hit friend

Unfortunately, the injured dog died from his wounds, but thanks to the help of his loyal protector he was picked up by a passer-by, who gave him a proper burial.

Nothing is known of the brave, devoted dog who waited patiently by his side, although witnesses said he was not hit by a car – and ran off to safety once he saw the man carefully pick up his fallen mate.

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49 thoughts on “Ultimate Loyalty: Dog Risks Life on Busy Highway to Stay with Injured Friend”

  1. You could see that the uninjured dog was asking for help for his friend. I could slap you Neil, you made me cry again!! I was sick to my stomach thinking of all the cars driving over both of these dogs. How could people be so cold? Blessings on the one who did stop to offer help. I feel so sad for the one who lived–hope he’s okay.

  2. No, the friend didn’t survive…but at least he didn’t have to get hit by more cars. What a compassionate and brave dog <3 that had more sense than the humans

  3. The compassion of dogs will never cease to amaze me. Humans could learn so much if they just paid more attention and stopped considering them expendable.


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