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Update: Dog Who Wandered into Garage Looking for Help Needs Help Again

by Katherine

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Remember Ruger from Greeneville, Tenn.? We told you his story in December 2014. The emaciated Great Dane mix walked into a garage looking for refuge and he found a kind homeowner who contacted Jason and Amanda Hopson from Bright Hope Animal Rescue. The dog who was on the brink of death was rescued and started his long path to recovery, but a few weeks after showing signs of recovery, veterinarians discovered the dog suffers from a critical ailment.

Photo Credit: Bright Hope Animal Rescue
Photo Credit: Bright Hope Animal Rescue

Ruger gained some weight and regained his playful spirits, but when veterinarians ran additional tests, they discovered the dog suffered from a tumor on his pituitary gland.

Doctors created a treatment plan for Ruger, one that could consists of 16 radiation treatments. For rescuers this means the dog’s medical costs would¬†escalate to over $5,000, and they don’t have the funds to cover this.

Determined to help Ruger, Bright Hope Animal Rescue hosted an old-fashioned barbecue that helped raise more than $4,000. The University of Tennessee Veterinary hospital said the Great Dane was an excellent candidate for radiation treatments and the treatment started, however, Ruger grew sick and took a turn for the worse.

On January 16, 2015, Bright Hope Animal Rescue posted the following on their Facebook wall:

Good golly. What a day. This post is not at all what I had planned to have to post tonight. We received a call from UT this morning that they had ceased radiation as Ruger was still vomiting and hadn’t eaten hardly anything in two days. He was depressed and going down hill. They suggested humane euthanasia. So we loaded up and made a tearful trip to Knoxville to get Ruger. We wanted to bring him back to the vet clinic here where all his “family” was. They discharged us and we took Ruger outside to potty before putting him in the car. When we got him outside, he was bright eyed and we had to chase him down the sidewalk. We got him in the car. Jason rode in the back with him. He was thoroughly enjoying his head scratches and cuddles. THEN he started to play with an empty soda bottle. Really??? Playing?? We got back to the vet clinic and Ruger was back to his old self. He had a whole welcoming party to greet him. He went straight to his food bowl and ATE THE BOTTOM OUT OF IT!!! AND HE KEPT IT DOWN!! So, needless to say…today was not the day to say goodbye to Ruger. Ruger may not get better, but doggone he is happy and comfortable right now. He has chosen the vet clinic as his home and the staff as his family. We will continue his care here at the clinic while he is comfortable and happy. We accept this. No more poking and prodding. Just head scratches and cuddles from here on out. RUGER IS HOME!!

Ruger might not win this battle but he sure will know what being truly loved feels like. He needs prayers and positive energy to make the rest of his days on earth pain free and memorable.

For more information on Ruger visit Bright Hope Animal Rescue on Facebook.