UPDATE: Hazel Grace Recovers from Her Abuse

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A few weeks ago we told you about Hazel Grace, an abused dog from Missouri who was kicked and burned by children. The badly abused dog has made some improvements, but she is still not out of the wood.

Read our original story “Rescuing Hazel Grace from a Torturous Life” to learn more.

Hazel Grace. Photo Credit: Trio Animal Foundation
Hazel Grace. Photo Credit: Trio Animal Foundation

While the dog’s scorched genitals are healing, the burns on the side of the dog’s body have developed an infection.

“During a recent bandage change, the vet noticed that Hazel Grace was acting painful when they got anywhere near the burned and scabbed part of her side and back,” posted Trio Animal Foundation on their Facebook wall. “Worried, the vet took a closer look at what was going on and was shocked to find that when she touched the area, thick puss shot out from under her scabs.”

Veterinarians had hoped the abused dog would see a skin graft specialist this week, but after discovering this new infection, the puppy will have to fight off this infection before she can move to the next phase on her recovery plan.

Hazel Grace has been hospitalized for 15 days and continues to receive IV antibiotics and fluids. Veterinarians and hospital staff continue to shower her with love. They hope the little dog beats this new infection soon.

Trio Animal Foundation continues to build a criminal case against Hazel’s abusers and is now working with Malden, Mo., Chief of Police. There will be an investigation and criminal charges will be filed against the dog’s abusers.

To learn more about Hazel Grace and how you can help, visit Trio’s Facebook page. Warning, the page contains graphic images of the dog’s injuries.

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  1. How about hold the parents responsible for this! Wtf is wrong with this picture when your kids are purposely harming animals?! How fukd up are your kids?! Omg this makes my blood boil.

  2. I will never understand how someone could do tihs. Those kids are pieces of shit that should suffer, I hope they are charged to the fullest and learn something. I hope she recovers and has a happy life.

  3. This whole family needs to be held accountable for this puppy’s abuse!! How sick & demented can a child be to hold a defenseless puppy over a flame?! I can’t even imagine the pain Hazel Grace went through..& continues to go through. 🙁 I pray she heals & finds a LOVING home.

  4. No words appropriate for posting regarding those so called kids. Prayers and positive thoughts for that precious little girl.. She will make an awesome fur baby for whoever adopts her.


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