Walmart to Host Fundraiser for Dog Who Chewed Foot Off

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1.31.15 - chewed off leg

UPDATE: You can check out our initial coverage of Courtney’s story by clicking here.

We covered Courtney’s story earlier this month.  Basically, this poor creature was abandoned out back behind a Walmart.  In an effort to get free of her bindings, Courtney chewed off her own leg.  Now, hoping to help ease the cost of caring and housing Courtney during her recovery, Walmart is holding a fundraiser for her.

Walmart says that it will match donations made to Courtney’s fundraiser.

“She’s doing super good,” said Melanie Wittner.  Wittner is the director of the Hopeful Heart Rescue in Roseville.

On January 18th, after a passerby noticed the dog chained up to a post, police were called out to the scene.  The metal cable she had been tethered to have wrapped it’s self around her leg so tightly, it had become embedded down to the bone, and Courtney simply finished off the job by chewing the rest of the leg off.

Courtney was then taken to Advanced Animal Emergency.  To prevent any infection, doctors cleaned up what was left of the leg, and now Courtney is on the road to recovery.  Courtney’s after care will be taking place at a local non-profit organization called 4 Paws 1 Heart.  You can visit their Facebook page by clicking here as well.  Courtney’s fundraiser will be held this coming Saturday at the Walmart at 28804 Gratiot, at 12 Mile Road, Roseville.

77 thoughts on “Walmart to Host Fundraiser for Dog Who Chewed Foot Off”

  1. @ Jennifer, Thats your idea of trying to help ? Walmart can afford to save every animal in the US on their profits from ONE DAY.

  2. how stupid does Walmart think we are ? dig into your bottomless pockets and DONATE the money….against taxes of course !

  3. Is Walmart perhaps trying to deflect a little attention and do a bit of damage control as far as animal welfare because they refuse to stop using gestation crates for pigs? Walmart sucks. Hope this sweet girl is taken care of at least.

  4. Perhaps the employees of that Walmart are having the fundraiser. Regardless, this sweet dog deserves help.
    I’d love to see more posts about how to help this dog, and other animals who’ve been abused/abandoned.


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