Woman’s Dog Fends Off Attacker

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Ohio police are on the lookout for a dog bite victim after a woman’s four legged friend saved her from an unidentified attacker. The incident occurred Tuesday evening around 9 p.m. as 21-year-old Arlee Ice was walking her dog, Cash, near Broad Street and Concord Avenue in Elyria.

The pregnant woman told police that the male suspect took her by surprise, sneaking up behind her as she walked Cash with headphones on. He grabbed her shirt before she was even aware of his presence. Alarmed, she turned to face her attacker and grabbed her cell phone, telling him to get away before she called her husband, and warning the perpetrator that her dog would bite if he did not back down.

The man ignored her warning, grabbing the front of her shirt and pulling her closer to him, saying that he wasn’t afraid of her dog. When Ice yelled and tried to escape Cash sprung into action and pounced on the attacker. Ice said she watched as the dog bit him, knocking him to the ground. When the predator struggled to free himself the dog grabbed him firmly by the neck.

Battered by the loyal defender, the criminal backed down: Ice was able to pull Cash away from him and run before he could collect himself. Because it was dark, a thorough description of the suspect is not available, but police say they are seeking an African-American male in his late 20s or early 30s. He was wearing a sports jersey and long, dark shorts.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to call Elyria police at (440) 322-1926.


11 thoughts on “Woman’s Dog Fends Off Attacker”

  1. What a wonderful dog and companion indeed! As a woman, I always feel safer walking with my dog, no matter where I am. Having that guarding presence there is a good deterrent to any weirdos who may be near by. Super kudos to this pittie for saving her owner!

  2. While walking my GSD one day, a neighbor came running out of his house quite quickly and surprised my dog due to the heavy bushes in front of this particular house. My dog put herself between the guy and myself and raised her hackles in an instant. I never even knew the guy was there.
    Dog’s know who’s got the leash. They know who to protect.

  3. What a good dog! Just goes to show how deep the loyalty of our friends run. Her attacker can’t say she didn’t warn him 😀 Good Dog!

  4. The loyalty of dogs is one of their most treasured traits. I had a dog make a difference for me in, at least, an awkward situation. We had a St. Bernard and she was huge. 157 lbs. When she stood on her hind legs and placed her front legs on my shoulders, she was taller than I. We had a very nice walking path off of our driveway that went deep into the woods around our house. I loved to walk it but my mother insisted that Heidi go with me. She loved the walks, too, and we were all happy. The path was also very wide. A car could fit on this path. One day, when I was 14, I heard an odd sound as Heidi and I were headed back towards our house. Heidi, who usually walked next to me or just behind me, ran past me to a point well ahead of me but still in sight and sat down facing the direction in which we were walking. That sound I had heard was of 2 motorcycles driving down that path. I stopped in my tracks as I had never met another living person outside of my family on this path. I was scared. The men brought their motorcycles to a halt and there was a little stare down between Heidi and the cyclists. Then, they turned their motorcycles around and went back from where they had come. Neither Heidi or I moved until I felt they were long gone. Now that I am much older and think back on that event, I realize that I could have been in much bigger danger than Iunderstood and that is why my mother wanted Heidi with me. Heidi was not at all aggressive and was a favorite among people who visited us often. But, her size made her impressive and I believe, to this day, that these 2 men decided not to take a chance by trying to drive past her.

  5. Just goes to show you that a good dog by your side in times of trouble can make a world of difference. I can’t believe the guy even tried anything with type of dog around. I am glad that this story had a happy ending for both dog and owner. I hope the police catch that guy soon. The owner just needs to be extra careful until that guy gets caught.

  6. It’s a good thing it wasn’t in Cincinnati or they would have taken her dog a had him PTS. Because there is BSL in the city of Cincinnati.


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