Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

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By Micaela Myers
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1. Pit bulls “suddenly snap.” It’s true. One minute they are lying upside down on the couch snoring, and the next minute they hear the word “walk,” or “rawhide,” or “ball,” and they suddenly snap. From 0 to Mach 90, they are doing zoomies down the hall, tongue flapping, tail tucked for turning aerodynamics. Jump in front of this joyful train, and you could indeed accidentally get knocked down! (photo by Donna J. Griffin)


2. Pit bulls’ jaws are unlike any other dog. Again, it’s true. Bullies have a singular type of jaw that enables smiling unlike any other! The lips curl up and wrinkle, and you can’t help but laugh at that happy pink tongue bobbing with each big breath, those shiny white teeth and those big twinkling eyes. (photo by Ronny Ag Roberts)


3. Pit bulls are tenacious fighters. Ever try to fight a pack of pit bulls for the couch? The bed? A soft, cozy blanket? It’s true, they love a comfortable place to sleep and would rather lie right on top of you or each other than be alone on the cold, hard floor. (photo by Janet Podczerwinski)


4. Children beware. If your child has a phobia for canine kisses, then he or she definitely better stay clear of pit bulls. Pit bulls have a special radar just for children. Smell one, and they start to lick their lips. They can’t wait to find that little kid and cover them in kisses. (photo by Colleen S Moore)


5. Pit bulls are the ultimate guard dogs. Maybe all robbers need is a little love? If this is the case, then yes, pit bulls make excellent guard dogs. Most will be happy to greet robbers with their wiggly butts. They may even show them where the couch (and TV) is, where the coziest bedroom (and jewelry) is, and invite them to stay and cuddle awhile. (photo by Cristina Falcon Seymour)


Those of us who really know pit bulls, know that they’re just dogs (OK, maybe they’re especially cuddly and goofy dogs). Now let the world know the truth about pit bulls! For a more serious look at pit bull myths and facts, click here and visit the Stubbydog resource page.

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430 thoughts on “Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap”

  1. These dogs and so many other pits are loyal and wonderful companions…I have no doubt about that on any level. But I do also know personally that they can “snap” even coming from a loving family. The big difference here is that when a pit bull does bite they cause serious damage. I know any dog can bite but rarely do you hear of a Labrador maiming or killing a child, let alone an adult when they do bite. There are many reports here monthly of people being seriously injured or killed by pit bulls and they are pit bulls. As loving and devoted as many are I could never put the welfare of a dog over the potential injury or death of my child or grandchild. I know I will not change your mind, neither will you change mine.

    • You know what’s funny, though? I’m a dog groomer and have never been bit by a Pit Bull yet. They tend to nibble (as in scrape your skin lightly because they don’t want to bite) when they don’t like you doing something, but don’t full on bite. The worst bite I received was actually from a Labrador who suddenly turned without warning and bit me in the head. I trust NO dog alone with children and feel that nobody should. They are animals, still. ALL of them of ALL sizes.

      • So you did nothing to provoke the dog? Hmmm…so dogs can (and do) on occasion attack without warning. Just proves my point that nobody should ever claim that their dog would NEVER bite or harm anyone…those statements are ignorant. (not saying you said that, but others on this forum have!)

        • She did provoke. Just like babies, some dogs don’t like baths. I’m not saying babies bite when they don’t like baths, I’m just saying thats how a dog reacts bc they do have simple brains and don’t know any better.

        • M&LMOM, it depends on how the dog was trained to react. Mine would NEVER attack/snap because he was raised/trained not to. I would also not put him in a situation where he would feel defensive to the point of attacking. If you protect and raise your dog the same way you would protect and raise your child then you should have a great dog and a great child. It always comes down to the way that particular dog, not breed, is raised.

    • I agree with you 100%! I don’t trust any dog around my child…kids are kids and who knows at what point a dog will get fed up and finally have “enough”…I don’t care how loving and good with the kids they are!

      • then you cant be trusted around your kids!!!! Moms kill there kids all the time from not being able to take it anymore or having mental problems. Do you have something to say about them? If you dont like dogs then why take the time out to comment on how you hate them so much? Also you nor anyone can say anything about a dog that attacked in less you can personal say you have been bit by a dog or a putbull for that matter. So just as well as a person can attack a dog can as well….. And if you ask me i’d take my chances being locked up in a room with a PITBULL then a serial killer anyday… Just think before you comment on a website that you dont know much about.

        • Oh, so the fact that I haven’t PERSONALLY been bitten by a pitbull makes me unqualified to comment? I beg to differ.

          I’m a mail carrier. I love the dogs on my route, and most of them love me. There are pits, there are Jack Russells, there are golden retrievers, there are shi tzus and maltese and beagles and collies and… well, you get the idea.

          There are pibbles who knock me down when they want attention, there’s a maltese whose yard I won’t enter, there’s a Jack Russell who’s bitten me before and several more who want to, and there’s an aggressive dobie who’s so used to me that now he just barks a couple times to say “I’m watching you”, then walks back to the house.

          That having been said… The ONLY devastating injuries that have come from my route [653 deliveries] came from pit bulls. One was kept tied out in the yard. Several of us called the humane officer several times about the dog being left out in the heat, left without shelter, left without water, and laying as though he was dead. That dog later broke his cable [one of those little Dollar Store ones] and attacked a man walking down the hill to work. A passer-by stopped his car and used a tire iron to break his jaws; the victim required 65 stitches in his arm. Neither the victim NOR the dog owner had the means to cover the care and rehabilitation the man needed, and he basically lost his job because he was unable to work. THAT is why insurance is commonly required on pit bulls.

          Another dog, acknowledged as a former fighter, escaped from his elderly owner and took off. He found a woman walking her little floppy dog on a leash; he almost killed the little dog, who required a week at the vet and reconstructive surgery. Again, the pibble’s owner didn’t have insurance so the injured party had to pay for someone else’s dog’s bad behavior. In this case, the owner whose dog was attacked has MS; it triggered an attack.

          Another pit, a blue, tried to attack a police officer and was shot. The police were attempting to make an arrest in a house, and the dog flew out the door at the officer. While no humans were injured beyond being knocked down, the dog certainly was.

          One, a blue, aggressively tried to bite every single mail carrier she ever saw. She broke a front door trying to get to us. Her owners routinely allowed her to run loose and terrorize about a ten-block area. She attacked a little child in a stroller [the father clubbed her across the eye before she got to him], threatened multiple neighbors, and fixated on one of my elderly/disabled customers one afternoon. She had attacked this woman another time, only HER dog interceded and was chewed up as a result. On this ocassion, I kept her distracted with my vehicle between her and the lady, until the woman made it to her front door.

          I went to court about it, the judge ruled her a “dangerous dog”, and made a lot of requirements for her owners to keep her. Six months later, she was loose again. She trapped a carrier in a fence when a cop happened by. The dog catcher [who had been trying to get her for three years] locked her up. Her owners never ONCE tried to visit or get her out.

          I work in an inner-city area. Those of you who are all about “pibbles are the sweetest honeyed kissy sugars” need to wake up to reality. Your dog is no more representative of the breed than any of the ones I’ve mentioned. There are a lot of pits on my route and in my city; I’m rarely scared of them. I love on all of them who will let me, I watch out for their well-being, and I’ve been known [more than once!] to take them home when they were loose.

          I stopped my mail truck and ran across the middle of my area’s busiest street when I saw an almost-grown pit almost get run over. I stopped traffic, and called her to the side of the road. I tried to get a store owner to take responsibility long enough for the humane officer to pick her up, but he panicked and slammed his door… right after telling me that the dog had ALREADY been hit and that the car [which didn’t stop] had RUN OVER HER HEAD.

          Luckily, a passerby stopped and took responsibility for her so I could go back to work. He called my office later and asked for me; he wanted me to help raise money for her vet bills. The dog catcher had never showed up. I gave him what I could, and thanked him profusely for taking her.

          I got to see her a couple weeks ago… she’s beautiful!! And I added that last little bit because I want you to know that I am NOT anti-pit. I AM realistic. Everyone needs to stop being so rabidly pro- or anti- and just acknowledge that both sides DO HAVE salient points.

    • My 3-year old son was mauled by a black lab who was visiting my babysitter’s home. My son did nothing to provoke the lab, but he ended up with more than 50 stitches in his face and head and required plastic surgery. The dog’s owner took no action, so we sued her and won…she was an irresponsible dog owner.

    • You are retarded! You contradicted everything you said. Don’t try to be sympathetic or even think you understand what it’s like to be a Pit owner. You stereotyped Pits just like all the other ignorant people out there. It would make more sense if you generalized all dogs having the potential to “snap”. Even then you are still retarded, if you are fearful of a dog snapping then you shouldn’t have one regardless of the breed.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bully boy! I raised him to be a gentleman and that’s exactly what he is. If he were a Chihuahua or a poodle, I would have raised him the same way. Sadly, the ones who get into trouble have irresponsible owners, and that goes for all breeds!

  3. Just wanted to say, reading through these posts, it is absolutely wonderful to see how emotionally devoted you all are to your dogs. I am a pit lover myself, and pits and any breed of dog or animal would be proud to see so many people defending them and who have their backs. Its always a great thing to witness people sticking up for what they CARE about, small internet forum or not. March on, fellow animal lovers! 😉 Love it.

    • I know what you’re saying. I just stumbled on this forum and I am getting angry as hell. I love my Pits almost more than anything in this world and I will defend them till the end. Some of these people have no idea what they are talking about, spewing ignorant nonsense about breeds to which they know nothing of. On top of that some of these people aren’t even dog people and yet they claim they know everything. Ignorant morons. I get really angry about this subject because I love my dogs and they would never harm anyone.

      • I know what you mean, I stumbled on this forum too and am getting pissed at these non dog owners rambeling non sence, why are they even on this sight? must be lonely? I have a shih tzu/ poodle mix, 13 yrs old and he’s my baby boy, I love him so much I can’t stand and I have my grand pup she is a 3 yrs old pit/boxer mix, and she’s nana’s little (big) girl, love her to death, she is soo smart and such a good dog, funny thing is, Chico my 10 lb dog lays next to me on the couch but Jazzy the pit mix has to lay on me, doesn’t seem right, but thats how it goes…It really bothers me that people think pits are mean, they are the biggest lovers….All this animal abuse makes me sick, people should rot in hell for treating animals so bad, all they want is to be loved. I heard a story once of a little boy asking a vet why dogs live such a short life, the vet said because dogs love you from the moment they see you, and people live longer because it takes them so long to learn how to love. something like that, but it is so true…and please people, spay and neuter your pets, there are so many unwanted animals out there…

  4. I have a pitbull, and i have had a few of them i have never liked any other dog i have been biten by other dogs border colly, rottie my mom owner the border and my older brother owned the rottie. I at one point owned a boxer female she wanted to run the house i had to give her away because she scared me. My point is if you dont want a dog then dont comment on a dog website know one cares why u dont want one and why u dont like them. Also this is about pitbulls not ALL dogs not every pit is a bad dog and thats what this website is about to let and show they can love just like every other dog and if you can see that every dog is not the same as every dog then just as blind to the fact every human isnt the same……………

  5. I took my first Staff Terrier from a Los Angeles SPCA shelter at 4 months of age. He remained my best friend, and the best dog I have ever had until he came down with lympho sarcoma at 12 years of age. His best friend was my miniature doxie who passed away at 18 years shortly after Petey passed on. I fostered another Staffie, (Pitbull) who is just as wonderful. She got along great with my two English Bull Terriers.

  6. I don’t have a pit bull, though I do agree with those who say that they are sweet. THEY ARE. Though I don’t own one I’ve met a few and I love this breed. If you really know a pit bull, you’ll love them. I mean, sure most of you wouldn’t trust one and some bite but same with any dog. Also there are so many in shelters. It’s just sad. What some of you are saying is just so ignorant and wrong… You make me sick. I love that so many of you love your dogs.
    I have a German Shepard from a shelter and is the sweetest dog ever. to think that if it were’t for me he would propably euthinized because of the reputation of the breed.


    • I appreciate that you took the time to understand what it’s like to know a Pit. Even if you don’t have one, and I have 2 now and one other that just passed away from cancer, you understand why I am so loyal to them and will defend them no matter what people say. I also adopted all 3 of my “kids”, one I brought over from England, he’s a British expatriate, when I was stationed over there. Thanks for defending this wonderful breed.


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