Your Chance to Make a Difference in the Gulf

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There are so many ways to assist, but here is one small gesture many of us can make. Can we get a roo from the Sibe crowd on this one? Pick that snow off the lawn and send it in! Details are below, but check out the video. A huge Nationwide response is currently taking place to help get hair boom to the gulf coast beaches in need. We have 12 locations spread out through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida that are receiving hair. There are hundreds of volunteers having Boom B Q parties where they’re making the boom.

Thousands are signing up to our database program Excess Access (free and fast) to be assigned where to send hair, fur, waste wool clippings and used nylons (washed, runs ok) for making the booms. Please see our Youtube for information on Hair Mats and Hair Booms!

For Press & Unified Command Inquiries:
Lisa Gautier
President, Matter of Trust
415 235 2403
[email protected]

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15 thoughts on “Your Chance to Make a Difference in the Gulf”

  1. This is amazing. Just called my hairdresser friend up here in Farrr North Idaho to tell her to look on your blog. Thanks for the info!!
    (BabyRocketDog & Hootie's mom)

  2. We saw this yesterday and have already Woooooed! We think we could protect a mile or two just with The Herd.

  3. Interesting! I never would have thought hair and pantyhose to pick up oil.

    If I still had my kitty, I'd have a zillion pounds of his fur I could've sent. He was always shedding, I don't know how it was possible he ever still had any hair left.

  4. Thank you very much for the heads up on this…if only we could be there …somehow, someway….but the little things we will do will become BIG things and we will battle the awful tragedy that we have there!


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