1. Nicole Macomber

  2. God bless them.

  3. Dogs don’t need dog houses when they are familt

  4. Awesome job teens! A wonderful life lesson in caring and compassion for animals in need 🙂

  5. What a great thing!! God bless these teenagers!!!

  6. Good job!

  7. At last great idea everyone wins well done.

  8. How lovely of them!

  9. Amen

  10. too bad 90% of the schools don’t teach wood shop anymore, god forbid we teach them useful skills to be able to get a job in the future.

  11. Great job kiddos!!!

  12. Bless you all! It would be great if all dogs lived inside with loving families, but since that’s not reality-unfortunately-these homes can at least help some of the less fortunate pups!!!

  13. Heros all of you xx

  14. How very nice and kind.

  15. Good young men..a noble cause.

  16. What an amazing group of young men. Thank you to each & every one of them for being so kind. 🙂

  17. Kudos!!! Great, useful project!

  18. Thank you

  19. Now build fences for the chained up dogs

  20. Thank you very much!

  21. I love these guys !!

  22. This is what you call ” Kids At Work ” .. and for a very good cause .. GOD bless you all and may your tribe increase .. 🐕 ❤ 🐕 💙 🐩 💚 !!!

  23. That’s totally awesome❤️
    Way to go guys👍🏼

  24. Wonderful!

  25. we need more teens like these.

  26. My only problem is that you shouldn’t have a dog if you make it live on the end of a chain connected to this house. I’m glad these teens are trying to help though.

  27. Bad ass

  28. _/|_

  29. Well done Gentlemen. Way to show your passion and creativity. 10000 Likes!!!!

  30. Ben Webb

  31. Good job, thank you. Spay and neutering will also help!

  32. You are all awesome. Thank you.

  33. wow those are really cute houses!!!

  34. Amazingly huge bravo guys – you’re wonderful human beings 😇🙏👍…

  35. Very nice of these young men to do this for the dogs!

  36. Wow, good kids,, way 2 go !!!!!

  37. It beats sitting at home playing worthless video games.Good work guys!

  38. How beautiful. ..

  39. Respect

  40. love these humans!

  41. Good on them. A good School Program / Project.

  42. great job guys!

  43. What wonderful young men❣

  44. Love this idea. Great job kids!

  45. I like that.

  46. It will awesome if most high school will start doing a program like this , to help the shelters and people in need of a dog house 🐶🐶🐶 amazing job from this kids#gooddeed

  47. Very inspiring and a good example to all the others. May they reach their goal in education and life. May they always meet good people who could help them through their careers. Their parents must feel very proud as well.

  48. Amazing!!!!!!!

  49. Very Nice!!!!They are angels!!!!!

  50. This is Awesome Great job kids..

  51. What a fantastic idea!! Thank you so much!

  52. Lovely to see a positive story of how young people are helping animals. Wonderful! Well done! Xx

  53. great to see young people caring for animals, I salute all of you;

  54. Good job!!!

  55. They are awesome young people. Ox

  56. Teens helping others, wonderful.

  57. Good for you guys. Nice to see

  58. Good for them! That’s awesome you care that much!



  61. Danke ihr seit super

  62. What a great idea

  63. Great job — Just put a little tag on the dog house stating that dogs should not be left outside 24/7 chained or penned, even with a dog house!

  64. Truly a great project involving wonderful kids!

  65. These young men are being more adult than some “adults”…God bless them for helping these pups <3

  66. ❤️

  67. 😄👍👍👍👍

  68. great thanks xx

  69. Great job guys!

  70. That’s wonderful guys!

  71. So proud of these young men!!! Great job guys!! Keep up the good work. The animals appreciate you and so do I 😀

  72. Great job kids, what a loving thing to do.

  73. Kieran Stanley

  74. Yay

  75. Wau amazing work

  76. Great job young men your parents should be proud of you i am

  77. Hats off to these wonderful young adults!! God Bless!!

  78. YAY! Way to go!!! Awesome job.

  79. Well done lads

  80. World needs more of these fine role models

  81. awesome!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!

  82. This is so beautiful

  83. Oh my goodness. I love you guys. Lord, bless them indeed.

  84. Nice going guys.

  85. Great idea.

  86. What an amazing idea!!! I love when people mentor the young. Could mean such a huge difference in their lives. What a great cause too. Thank you to them all.

  87. Love this so proud of these kids!

  88. Nice wonderful Job,thank you so much

  89. Way to ! Great teacher, great students!!

  90. Dogs should be out in good weather being a dog enjoying the out doors just like us and they need a nice place to rest. This is an excellent example for the other teens that are on the Internet for all the wrong reasons.

  91. The roof overhangs on these dog houses don’t go out far enough to prevent rain from coming into the houses in states where it rains a lot. Actually, anywhere. Many of the commercial doghouses also don’t prevent the rain from coming into the doghouses. The overhangs need to go way out from the houses to prevent rain from coming into the houses. It’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Good intentions but need a different design.

  92. This is fantastic!!!!! Thank you!!

  93. Keep up the great work!

  94. And, oh my gosh, shop teaches problem solving, science, math — including, yegads! GEOMETRY! — whatever will happen to us!

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