A Cross-Country Road Trip Cured My Dog of Her Neuroses

8.8.15 - Road Trip1

“Lady Piazza has never been happier than she was during that trip through 13 states and three time zones. She didn’t once get scared or anxious.”
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Some Pro Tips on Water Safety for Your Dog This Summer

Stock photo from Google Images.

Care2.com offers some good advice on keeping your dog safe around water this summer.
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How to Manage Seasonal Anxiety for your Dogs

Photo from barkbusters.com

Barkbusters, an excellent home dog training website, offers some tips on helping your dog through some seasonal anxieties.
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Friendly Pooch Cares for 200+ Ducks


A rescue dog enjoys helping his owner with farm chores. The dog looks after the ducks.
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Orphaned Lion Cub is Adopted by Dog

6.8.15 - scub

After losing both siblings to illness and being rejected by his mother, this lion cub has found a home with a mother dog at the Nama Zoo!
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White Plains Funeral Home Gets Comfort Dog

6.10.15 - 8amFEAT1

“She has an uncanny knack for being able to spot people who need her,” Fiorillo said. “She gravitates to them. I can’t explain it, but it’s there.”
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Rescued Pit Bull Does Some Rescuing of Her Own

5.28.15 - Bella

“She had already befriended a rescued cow, watched over piglets saved from slaughter, and looked after battery-caged chickens from the largest farmed animal rescue in California’s history.”
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Dog Gives Mom of Autistic Child an Amazing Gift

4.28.15 - AutismFEAT

Roxy has made the impossible, possible for the mother of a child with Asperger’s syndrome.
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Stray Dog Keeps Calbulco Rescuers Company

Ceniza. Photo credit: Agencia UNO

A dog keeps Calbulco rescuers company as they secure the area and set up camp to help those affected by the volcano.
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Science Seeks Answer to Why Dogs Chase Their Tails

4.27.15 - tail chaseFEAT

After getting a look at dogs that do chase their tails, Bristol University is seeking non-tail chasers to complete the study.
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Study Says Wolves Have Better Disposition Than Dogs

4.25.15 - wolfFEAT

A study has found dogs to be kinder and more gentle than domesticated dogs.
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Hundreds of Deputies Trained to NOT Shoot Dogs

Baltimore Police Officer Dan Waskiewicz ended up adopting the “vicious” pit bull he encountered roaming the streets.

“Officers are shown how read the character and personality of the dog. If the officer has time, he can make a better decision.”
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Dogs Just LOVE to Give Kisses!

4.7.15 -dog kisses

A cute video exploring some of the possible reasons dogs can be furry kiss factories.
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Stray Dogs Attend Funeral of Woman Who Fed Them


When an animal lover passed away, the stray dog she fed attended her funeral. They went to church and visited her at the funeral home.
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Dog in Minnesota has a Rare Talent for Art

2.26.15 - 8am

Newman’s mom had seen other dogs, in online and television videos, using their paws to paint. She wanted to see if it would be possible to take things one step further.
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Orphaned Lamb Raised by Collies now Thinks it’s a Dog

2.9.15 - Orphaned Lamb Raised by Collies now Thinks it’s a Dog

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s really unusual,” said Mackenzie.
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Dog Helps Cat with Head Stuck in Plastic Cup


A chocolate Labrador sees a feline in trouble and without hesitation steps up to help.
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Dog Eats Owner’s Engagement and Wedding Rings


When an engagement and wedding ring went missing, Sierra the dog looked suspicious. A trip to the vet and x-rays proved the dog had eaten the rings.
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Pit Bull Comforts Deer Tangled in Fence Until Help Arrives

12.15.14 - Pit Bull Comforts Deer Tangled in Fence Until Help ArrivesFEAT

Gotti is living proof that these dogs are a much misunderstood breed. They are in no way “naturally” violent dogs, but products of violent humans.
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Retired Rescued Dog Decides to Make a Rescue of Her Own

12.2.14 - Retired Rescued Dog Decides to Make a Rescue of Her Own1

“In preparation for the birth, we had been monitoring Xena 24/7 by video. We knew that she was an unproven mother and wanted to be ready,” said Laura Bottaro.
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